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OTF (out the front) knives are spring-loaded knives that deploy out the front of the knife handle with the push of a button. Shop OTF Knives KNIVES $99 & UNDER Shop all knives $99 and under. OTF (out the front) knives, fixed blade knives, folding knives and more. Shop $99 & Under CUSTOM OTF KNIVES Build your own custom OTF Knife.

Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2015 Verified Purchase Great OTF knife that works really well. Just a few things to point out, but of course that's reflected by the cheaper price, when compared to $200+ Microtech & Benchmade OTF's: - The lever takes quite a bit of pressure to release the blade, and to retract the blade. They're actually pretty damn solid knives for what you pay. I've never really cut anything with it so I don't know how the edge holds up but the action has been reliable except for one misfire towards the beginning. I took it apart, cleaned and lubed it all up and now it's been super reliable. level 1 · 25 days ago. This Pink Handle OTF automatic knife has a silver blade with a metal handle. This OTF has great spring action and a super sharp 440 stainless steel blade. This is a double action knife meaning the knife goes in and out with a flick of the button. Specification: Overall Length: 8 Inches Blade Length: 3.25 Inches Closed Length: 4.75 Inches.

QSP (Penguin fame) Nymble T (EMP-EDC Design): Excellent knife and dream to work on. At $300 not the value of full Ti knives from Miguron and Quiet Carry and not even close to GT clones. But extreme value if compared to Shirogorov and even Chris Reeve production knives. See *** Review/Details ***. 26.

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This Lightning Elite D/A OTF action packs a big punch but doesn't pack a punch on your wallet. The dual action sliding button has great updated action that makes it smoother and faster opening and closing the blade. The tanto blade has a satin finish and is.

AKC X-treme EVO Italian Knife Blue Silver Double Edge Dagger. White otf knife Even the handle wrapping and the manta ray skin-like underlay are white whereas the fittings have received an antique silver color as a contrast. May 30, 2021 - OTF Knives Automatic out-the-front D/A Switchblade Knife for sale over 300+ models available on slash2gash. If you play your cards.

Lightning black da otf automatic knife double blade half serrated silver blade. 440 stainless steel 3.25 inch blade with.. ... 10 otf knives Review: 1. Kershaw Kapsule Spear Point Pocket Knife, 1.9-in. Blade, Manual Opening, Sliding Button Lock (1190), Black. Features : The Kershaw Kapsule is a compact and portable 1.9-inch blade made with.

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